In a previous article we’ve suggested some practical ‘outer game’ suggestions to make your booking a blast. Things like looking sharp, arriving 10 minutes early and friendly hug at the beginning of the booking.

We suggest you consider them carefully. However, in this series of blogs we’re going to suggest some more inner game suggestions and behavioural tips to further improve your bookings experience.

While some of these may appear ridiculously simple they can have a significant impact on the results and enjoyment you achieve over time. To our surprise we’ve found that it’s often the simple ideas that work.

We all have similarities and differences, so some will work for you more than others, our advice is to explore all of them and find what works for you.

In each blog we’re going to suggest an inner game routine and a simple exercise which if you carry out will make you a better escort. The idea is to encourage you to keep exploring new approaches and continually improve what you do.

During the series we’re going to cover purpose, leading emotions and state, rapport and body language, exploring dreams and fantasies, saying ‘no’ without offending, recovering when things appear to go wrong, entertaining games and a lot more.

If you would like particular topics covered please add your requests to our contact us page.

This months routine

This month we asking you to consider your purpose, what you’ll get out of becoming a really successful male escort? What will it do for you?

We’ve found that clients that ask and answer these questions have both become more motivated and have therefore prepared more effectively for their bookings, and in turn found the bookings more enjoyable.

The potential answers are likely to be much more significant than at first appears.

For example as a successful escort not only will you develop a useful income while pursuing an enjoyable activity, you will also be developing a set of social and influence skills that will be useful throughout your life. The same skills can be useful throughout all walks of life.

In additional you will be giving your clients a genuinely good time.

This months inner game routine is to write down at least four benefits that you’ll get from being a successful escort, and for each one write down what that gets you. For example if one of your benefits is an additional income – ask what does that do for you? How does that change your life?

Ask the and answer the question ‘what does that get you’ for each of the benefits that you write down.

This months exercise

In addition we suggest a simple exercise:

Choose 5 female friends and ask them if they’ll describe a really enjoyable date? How did it start, what happened next? How did they know they were attracted? When did they start feeling attracted? What happened at the end of the date? What made it work? What could the guy have done better? If the man didn’t want to the date to get physical how could he say this without offence?

When you’re talking to your friend:

Initiate eye contact
Genuinely smile
Ask open questions like “That’s interesting, say a bit more?” “What does that mean”
Let her talk,
Occasionally reflect back her own words, speaking at a similar speed that she’s speaking
Let her explore and develop her ideas
Give her your full attention
Compliment her when appropriate

When you’ve completed all five consider which you enjoyed most? Remember something you say, something you heard and something you felt for that discussion.

Before your next booking spend two minutes imagining your next booking being at least as enjoyable as that conversation.

NLP_Michael is an 1:1 NLP Trainer and Business Coach who runs the NLP CD and DVD store NLP Resources.

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