The purpose of these blogs is give you a number of ideas and exercises to improve your own experience as a male escort, while at the same time improving the experience you offer your clients.

Last month we explored your purpose. What you could you achieve through being a male escort? This month we’re looking at managing your mood so that you’re at your best for yourself and your client.

Firstly a reality check. We have a number of different ways to perceive and change our mood. The art is to find out what works for us as individuals. Also, like flexing unused muscles for the first time, some of these exercises work best when established as habits. We’ve found little and often works best.

This month’s routine

What is the right mood for a booking?

It’s a fascinating question. The answer for many is to be safe while at the same time have a touch of being slightly dangerous and exciting.

We’ve found a useful approach can be to consider a mix of different moods such as safe, curious, considerate, playful, purposeful, manly.

To create your own list you might want to consider the moods displayed by heroes from stage and screen, or from your own experience of previous bookings and dates. What moods did you exhibit when they went exceptionally well? What moods would have made them go even better?

A useful way of rehearsing moods is to remember a time when you were in that mood. What did you see? What did you hear? Connect with how you felt. Do this for no longer than a couple of minutes for each mood. The exercise should only take 5-10 minutes.

Then imagine yourself at a future booking being able to access any of those moods when appropriate.

The idea isn’t to condition you to exhibit a specific mood; it’s to build your flexibility to flow into any mood that’s right for the moment.

This month’s exercises

We’ve added a number of exercises that help you develop further flexibility with moods. Play with any that appeal to you. You might be surprised with the results, particularly if you stick with one of them for 30 days or more.

1) Appreciation

Spend five minutes thinking about 5 people you appreciate. Mentally thank them.

2) Awareness

Spend five minutes every day simply paying attention to what you see, hear and feel both in the outside world and internally. When you catch yourself interpreting what you’re sensing, simply stop and get back to paying attention.

Over time this gives your ‘thinking mind’ a break, which in turn tunes up your thinking capabilities for when you need them.

3) Meditation

Spend 5 minutes a day sitting quietly focusing on your breathing. When distracted simply congratulate yourself for noticing the distraction, and focus back on your breath.

5) Rehearsing good moods

Spend five minutes remembering what made you feel good during the day. Remember what you saw, heard and felt at the time. Enjoy reconnecting with how you felt.

6) Turning negative experiences into resources

When something doesn’t work or you feel bad about something:
1) Think about how you feel and give it a word,
2) Pause for 5 seconds and then
3) Come up with two ways that the experience will help you in some way in the future.
4) Imagine yourself using that experience to your benefit at a time in the future.

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