Last month, we looked at managing your inner mood to build on your most intense pleasures and help clients enjoy the best time when they are with you.  This month, we’ll look at how storytelling can be a powerful way to influence another person’s mood.  We’ll look at a simple structure that you can use to make a significant impact in your escort work.

Why is storytelling useful?

Everyone loves a story.  A well written tale can make us feel love, anger, despair or any other emotion, and it can endure for hundreds of years. You can harness the power of stories to reach your client’s emotional side.  Telling a story and making them empathise with your story’s characters will make it easier for them to overcome any blocks they might have to enjoying their time with you.

What are the risks of storytelling?

When telling a story, it is vital that you are in tune with what the story is saying. If you are not, your client will quickly notice and stop trusting you.  It’s almost impossible to tell stories without giving away something of yourself, letting the real you show. This requires a degree of courage, and your client will respond to that.

You can never be sure how a person will receive a story. With practice, you will be able to adapt the tale as you go along, tailoring it to your client, but like many skills, it’s best to try this out with a friend first.

So, how to tell a story?

I am going to focus on one of many possible approaches, it’s often the simplest methods that work the best.   I have run workshops where the participants have been very sceptical about how effective simple storytelling can be, only afterwards have they realised how much of a difference they have made.

Before you start, you must find out about the mood of your client. Is she happy, excited, nervous, frightened, or something else? The moods themselves don’t actually matter, but your sensitivity to them does.  You have to be able to connect to and reflect those moods to gain rapport.

Secondly, think about how you want your client to feel and what simple changes she has to make to feel like that.

When you know these things, you can decide if storytelling is the right approach, and you can start tailoring your stories to meet her needs.

This month’s routine: a simple mood change

The structure of a Simple Mood Change story is:

  • At the beginning, the character is in the same mood as your client.

  • Something happens that changes that mood to the one you want her to feel.

  • You describe the new mood

It’s that simple.  The first step creates a rapport between your client and the story’s character, this makes it much easier for her to follow into a new mood. For example, imagine that your client is nervous about being out with an escort, she in uncertain what is going to happen.

You might start with: “A client I was with recently was very nervous when we met. It was her first time of using an escort service and she was uncertain about what was going to happen. I could understand that, almost every client is nervous at first. I told her this and it helped her. She began to relax and enjoy the evening.  At the end, she told me it had been one of the best evenings she had had for a long time, and she arranged to hire me again. I want to make sure you have just as good a time with me tonight.”

If you can lead your client into rapport with the character in your story, she is likely to follow the learning journey of that character.  At the very least, she will be more open to your suggestions than she was.

This month’s exercises

  1. Practice telling stories with a friend. Explore how you can make her feel in tune with your story’s characters and how you can guide her into different emotional states by developing the story in different directions.

  1. Start to collect stories that you will be able to use in the future and refine them for a variety of situations.

NLP_Michael is an 1:1 NLP Trainer and Business Coach who runs the NLP CD and DVD store NLP Resources.

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